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I use the misfit shine Have you installed and played with e. No accessories required. I also have a My experience has been terrible with both the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit One. I've followed all troubleshooting paths I can find and, despite the being on the compatibility chart, it never syncs.

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Both of those same devices work flawlessly with my SO's iPhone. I can't recommend using any fitbit device with the It works for some, but appears inconsistent.

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Out of curiosity, what carrier are you using? I am on Verizon. One of the few you can use is the Xiaomi sp? Mi Band for which 3rd party apps exist. I have one and it's good for an overview of your activities.

Cell phone tracker app for windows phone

It also tracks your sleep. Probably not scientifically accurate but it's good enough for me until the MS Band is sold in non English speaking countries.


I've got one too. Pretty useless at counting steps but the alarms are great.

Microsoft Band: an afternoon with Windows Phone's first wearable - Pocketnow

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Microsoft Band iOS, Android & Windows Phone Activity Tracker - Medium

Lumia Lumia XL. Continue this thread. Check out the sleek, minimalist Misfit Shine tracker and free Misfit app read our story about the app. The app also breaks down the nutritional quality of my diet note to self: Increase protein intake. Check out Gym Pocket Guide.

Endomondo for Windows phones no longer available – Endomondo

Powered by the folks behind Bodybuilding. You can also create and save a customized workout plan.

Pair it with the GOQii band to track your fitness and get motivation and support from an online guide. The limited-time offer is available in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

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