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Men pursue sex. According to infidelity expert and The Cheat Sheet author Stephany Alexander, women cheat in the pursuit of appreciation and attention.

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In other words, a woman's love is like a plant: If you stop watering it, placing it in a sunny window, plucking off its dead leaves, and talking to it in a low pleasant voice about Making a Murderer fan-theories, the plant will die … or it will start Facebook messaging Thad from SoulCycle. Women enjoy sex and women want sex—and not sex as a means to having late-night conversations about one's dreams and daddy issues but sex as a "Please god, don't let it end" end in itself.

Sex with another is hot, in a way that sex with your partner is not. Now many women seek the same satisfaction. If there's not enough sex at home, there's always the lover. If the square peg isn't going into the round hole enough times a week, a woman may stray. C For the Excitement Even if you are entirely smitten with your partner, even if you have no intention of ever cheating, it's likely that you chronically dream about someone else, someone who isn't much more than a vague sketch of a real person, like the woman who stood behind you in line at Starbucks this morning.

Nothing is more seductive than potential and the new. We're all just magpies, beguiled by the unmarred shiny thing because it holds promise and it may be able to make us shiny, too. When it comes to affairs of the affair, difference is a draw; "If your husband is a truck driver, you might be having an affair with your professor from your literature course.

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If your husband is older, your lover might be younger. Or vice versa," Barash says. As the idiom goes, the grass is always greener and the guys are always better listeners and more inclined to go down on you and sincerely interested in the vegan chili recipe you found on Pinterest on the other side.

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According to Barash, a woman may take a "boy-toy" because she feels she's "entitled. In a complete violation of staid gender roles that contend that women's constitutions are too fragile for desire and sex, some women feel more powerful and confident when they are unfaithful or, as Ciara would say, when they're "out, four in the morning, on the corner rolling," doing their "own thing. Women are rarely given the space to indulge their impulses or act selfishly, particularly sexually—to do so illicitly, without apology or consideration of another's feelings, is freeing.

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E Other Academics, experts, and princesses of crunk have their theories, but what of the real women who hope their boyfriends don't figure out their iPhone passcodes and lie about being with friends when they were getting drinks with a guy from work. How do they rationalize their actions, if they do at all?

App : Ashley Madison's slogan is "Life's short. Have an affair.

My husband cheating me yahoo answers

App : If you're in a relationship where you're constantly being asked to hand over your smartphone, you're going to want to erase any trace of wickedness. TigerText lets you set a time limit for how long your messages exist. Its like Snapchat, but not just for pictures. App : At this point, almost everyone has Snapchat.

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Because so many people just use it to exchange silly pics with their friends, it provides a fairly covert way to swap sexy pictures with someone who's not your significant other. But be warned: It's possible to stalk who each user Snaps with the most , so make sure that your girf or boif is always your number one friend, no matter who else you're seeing on the side. App : Imagine the panic: You're with your secondary honey and your real significant other starts calling.

You need to buy yourself some time! Use SlyDial to call him or her back—while making sure you go directly to voicemail.

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You're creating the illusion of trying to get in touch while being able to blame the lack of real connection on weird phone issues. App : It's impossible to screen-grab any message sent through Invisible Text, so you know that none of your more unsavory conversations will come back to bite you later.

You can send videos, texts, and pics secretly through the app, set a timer for messages to self-destruct if unread, and revoke any text you regret sending if it hasn't been opened by its receipient yet. User Review Highlight : User gilbedown wrote, "I can be a cheater again.. I love this app.. The app converts your text messages into image files that can only be unscrambled with a secret password, so that you'll be able to keep explicit messages on your cell phone without anyone but you knowing what they really say.

App : If you've got a bout of paranoia, you can download FlexiSpy on your sweet pea's smartphone to listen to their phone calls, track their location, view their text messages, read their email, or bug their room by turning their device into a microphone. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.

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